The “Little Correspondent”

My grandfather called me his “little correspondent” starting when I was around 10 years old. I probably saw my grandparents every other month, but that didn’t stop me from dropping a letter to them in the mail on a regular basis. You might think it odd, but I was the child that always paid attention to the price of stamps going up not the price of my favorite toy being on the shelf. My grandfather was a veteran, active in his local VFW and lover all things trains having worked for Amtrak for many years. He also was a record keeper and diligently kept track of our family history. Being a Spaniard, he was not thrilled when I took French as a teenager and encouraged me to go back to learning Spanish. My grandfather always responded to my letters. As a child this was of great value and encouragement to me. You see, I wrote many people letters and rarely received a response but my grandfather never disappointed. I would always get a penciled response on a page of yellow memo pad. These letters I hold dear to me now as he is no longer with us on earth. Letters are my way of putting my heart on paper. As a child I covered my letters in stickers that I would get from my sticker book. In college I made cards with friends on Friday nights to unwind from a stressful week. And now I enjoy picking up cards from a variety of stores and eagerly awaiting the perfect time to use them. I love to personalize the card to specifically suit the person who is receiving it, and put thought into not just the cover but the words I will add to it’s blank pages. Yes, some might say that cards are  an old fashioned  way to express love, but to me it shows value, time and thoughtfulness. My grandfather encouraged my writing habit as a child seeing the value of communication not just verbally, but the power in the written words. If you have a child that enjoys sending letters, I encourage you to fan the flame. And if it has been ages since you put the flag up on your mailbox than don’t wait another day! Next time you sit down to write an email ask yourself if it is something you could communicate in a letter!  Let’s keep USPS in business together! I will continue to live up to my nickname the “little correspondent.”