Mom on Whole30

Have you thought of giving Whole30 a try? Two months ago I asked my husband to go on Whole30 with me for my birthday! This was because I didn’t want to be cooking two different meals the whole month and because even though I am very disciplined I didn’t want temptation on my counter starting at me at my weakest moment! Initially, I was concerned that going on a Whole30 would affect my milk supply. As a first time mom I was hesitant of anything that might in any way make me produce less milk. In retrospect I can see I was over concerned, but for all you moms out there with that question in the back of your mind all I can say is, you will only know if you try. And it didn’t affect my milk supply. Whole30 is basically a sugar detox from my perspective. I have had so many international friends tell me that their first take of the American diet is that it is loaded with dairy and sugar. I do believe that food is medicine and so why not invest in your health today by managing what goes into your refrigerator! I seriously thought I could never give up ketchup but I love a challenge so bye bye ketchup and now I absolutely LOVE guacamole on my eggs! I would dub myself the guac queen if that actually was a title!! LOL! I also wanted to challenge myself to get better at cooking veggies. I have to admit given the choice of a slice of watermelon or cauliflower I will choose watermelon every time. Whole30 definitely helped me explore a whole new world of veggies! And get this, now I want to start my own garden. You are talking to a girl with NO green thumbs, but that isn’t going to stop me! So moms out there that are skeptical of Whole30 shoot me an email and I will point happily point you in the direction of the resources that helped me succeed! PS make sure you have a couple of good cutting boards ready for your 30 day sprint!