The Nurse Who Let Me Sleep

Exhausted. I was exhausted. I had been up 72 hours. Labor and delivery, surgery, and all that comes with being a new mom – had given me an adrenalin rush that kept me awake for three days.  I started to cry. I needed to rest, but my mind and my body seemed to still be separated from the traumatic labor and delivery that still drained me of all energy and coherent thoughts. The nurses changed shifts and I dreaded the thought of having to readjust to a new nurse. Some nurses had been more helpful than others. I was drained and honestly just wanted my mother to walk through the door and give me permission to rest. Already protective of my beautiful daughter laying next to me, I dared not to close my eyes. But at the same time my body screamed at me to succumb to a few hours of sleep. I cannot remember the nurses name. In our first few minutes of conversation though I started crying from exhaustion. She immediately offered to me to take Eden, my newborn, away for four hours to let me sleep and then bring her back for feeding. I didn’t want to. I somehow felt this was a sign of weakness. However, even warriors need rest! I reluctantly agreed and entrusted my baby to a nurse I had just met and to the angles watching over her. I slept so deeply and woke with a start. I pushed a button and they brought Eden back into me. After another feeding time, they offered to let me rest again. I agreed easier this time. Feeling more trusting of her kindness, I slept even harder this time. After getting rest I finally felt like my mind was being restored. The hospital I had given birth at didn’t make it a common practice to take babies to a nursery but they had gone out of their way to relieve me. I am thankful. Looking back I will always be grateful for the nurse who let me sleep. That is how I remember her because I cannot remember her name. Only that she showed me a kindness and watched over the most precious treasure that I have ever had, my daughter. Let this be a lesson in kindness to us all! Let us go out of our way to lighten burdens and relieve pain as we are able. And I will forever be learning to give myself permission to rest.

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