My Mom Bod

After becoming a mother almost a year ago I struggled to find the balance of trying to get my pre-pregnancy body back and also being patient with myself as I adjusted to changes on so many levels with having a new baby girl! I remember looking at myself in the mirror about 12 hours after delivery, glorying in my darling daughter in my arms, but also wondering why my stomach was still so extended. I pushed these thoughts to the back of my mind and told myself, “be patient Priscilla, relish in the accomplishment you have just made and give your body time to heal!” My drawn-out labor and delivery had ended in a caesarean. My recovery was going to be twice as long as most moms. I gained 30 pounds during my pregnancy that put me at the highest weight I had have been at. This combination left me wondering who the girl was in the mirror and curious when I would recognize myself again. However, I am determined by nature and I made plans to hit the ground running six weeks postpartum. My six week postpartum visit left me discouraged as I was left the doctors office with a referral to a physically therapist. It would be 6 months before I would feel myself again. I am currently 12 months out and I have seen progress from a healthy diet and the diligence of exercise, but although I love to reach goals it is more about the journey of healing that God brought me through and the hope that in this new beautiful season of life as a mother, I won’t be trying to be my old self, but the new self that God has me to be! Yes, I still love to dress up but the times are fewer now. Yes, I still enjoy wearing my heels but sneakers are way more practical. Each season holds so much beauty. Instead of wishing ourselves back to another season or comparing our journey to another person – I challenge you to join me in embracing the beauty of each season.

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