To me health is not just a #️⃣ on a scale! Health is what I -👩🏻‍🌾, 📚, 🏃🏻‍ and soaking up ☀️! My website is about choosing health in every area of life. Yes, it takes being intentional, but if I can help shorten your path by sharing mine I happily do so!


Join me in intentionally taking steps to keep life simple and beautiful. I am open to learning, loving and growing with you! So please pull up a seat, grab a mug and feel the fresh breeze with me! Tea or coffee friend?

About Me

I might be the new mom on the block, but after having my first child at a local hospital about a year ago I have taken a dive into all the mama resources the NC Triangle has to offer! Growing up in Queens, NY I was quite shocked to hear that an acorn is dropped in Raleigh on New Year’s Eve, but I have warmed up to my new home! After working for a federal contractor in Maryland for seven years I decided to become my own boss. A lover of my husband and sweet baby girl! I am a private English as a Second Language tutor with students of all ages. And on the side, I love sharing my step by step process to a chemical free home with other moms who are ready to rid the toxins!



Natural Health

Friend, don’t let those little bottles intimidate you! Essential Oils are one avenue of pursuing holistic health for me and my home! Exercise and eating healthy have always been no brainers to me as far as health, it was’t until I was pregnant that I started to explore the world of Essential Oils. I didn’t doubt that EO were part of healthy living but I was concerned about the learning curve and whether or not they would be time and cost effective. I have found the answer YES to all the above. Let me walk you through the steps to success with EO!

Do you know what your vita flex points are? I am convinced that getting to know how your body works is the best way to freedom with oils! We are so used to running to a cabinet to find the answers instead of being in tune with how our bodies work and getting to the root of the problem. Yes, there is a place for everything, but understanding and ridding the toxic load we put on ourselves is only the beginning of a journey of knowing and caring for our bodies better!

Young Living is my company of choice for several reasons – visibility, quality, and variety! Visibility – did you know you can visit their farms and watch the magic happen! Quality – their Seed to Seal guarantee is their promise to you from the soil to your home to provide the best! Variety – so many options! With not only oils but supplements and cosmetics and baby products and plant based cleaning options just to start you off! This is why I choose Young Living every month!

STEPS to complete your holistic health journey –

  1. Go to www.youngliving.com and select your country
  2. Select “Become a mMember”
  3. Chick “Member” (NOT Retail)
  4. Select “Referred by Member” and enter 1662320 for sponsor & enroller
  5. Choose your Premium Starter Kit (there are many options and all will give you a lifetime Young Living membership with NO annual renewal fee!)
  6. (Optional, but recommended) Choose Essential Rewards to order additional products. Receive up to 25% back in points & free gifts when ordering your monthly customized wellness box!
  7. Click “Continue Shopping” if you want to add additional products and NOT be on Essential Rewards
  8. Fill out your account information, pick a username, password and 4-digit pin. (Write this down & save this info.)
  9. Welcome to our oily family! We are so excited for you!